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Trucking and the Supply Chain

Have you ever wondered how those French fries you are having for lunch made it from the field to your plate? What about the shoes on your feet? The phone you're using to read this article.

Many of us don't have a clue. We usually don't stop to ask how or where all life's luxuries come from.

Did you know trucking keeps the world of consumerism alive and running smoothly, moving freight from one place to another?

Trucking is a vital industry to all Americans!

Here is an example:

A farmer buys seeds or, in this case, potato

tubers from a supplier. Then the farmer plants, cares for and harvests the potatoes.

A truck arrives at the farm to load and transport the harvested potatoes to a factory for cleaning and processing. Each potato is inspected and selected at the factory for use in an array of foods. Some potatoes are for baking, some are for dehydration, and others

are processed to become those hot French fries you are eating for lunch.

After employees sort the potatoes, they are loaded back on a truck and sent to a designated factory for further processing. Each potato arrives at its next destination just to start the process of unloading, processing and reloading the potatoes on another truck.

Each can go to a different place, a grocery store, a warehouse for dehydration, and others to a factory to be peeled, sliced, and frozen. Some are not healthy enough to advance further down the chain of supply. The rotten potatoes are sent to a compost facility.

After the potatoes are repackaged, they are loaded on a truck and sent to the next stop. Eventually, the potatoes make their way into your life in some form or fashion. But don't forget all the other resources that trucks brought into the processing plant to prepare those potatoes for transport to stores and restaurants. The processing machines were brought in by truck. The plastic bags and boxes for shipping were brought in by another truck.

Trucks just don't move the potatoes, but the supplies and machinery make those hot French fries you're having for lunch possible.

While this is a straightforward example, everything bought in stores, car lots, and warehouses, from food to clothing, is moved on a truck. Often on many different trucks before it reaches its final destination for you to purchase or consume.

Trucking keeps America moving by transporting goods and materials to and from factories, businesses, and consumers. Without the trucking industry, the complicated supply chain will break down, just as we witnessed at the beginning of the pandemic. We still suffer from aftereffects of factory shutdowns, driver shortages, fuel increases, and price increases on anything we purchase. Many have chosen to plant and harvest their food to cut back on costs.

Truckers provide a valuable service to the world. Just think about the excellent toilet paper shortage. Who would have ever thought toilet paper would be such a luxury? I could not imagine returning to leaves or old newspapers as toilet paper.

The trucking industry is continually growing, expanding, and seeking new partners. Email to find out your next steps to becoming a truck driver. Not only will you be a vital part of the U.S. supply chain, but you will meet new people, see new places, and most of all, find a job you love.

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